QUALITY Control Services

Many of our customers, when they first start their relationship with KNIT COLLECTION LTD utilize our quality assurance services. In this capacity, we are employed as a third-party to ensure that garments produced for our customer by their appointed factories meet the customer’s quality standards. In the vast majority of cases, customers that have utilized our quality controlled services have eventually outsourced their production to us as well.

QUALITY Assurance

We believe that the cornerstone of our success at KNIT COLLECTION LTD has been the high level of quality and social compliances that we have maintained. To ensure this level of quality, we have identified three core factors which have proven to be highly effective in this regard: Communication, Supplier Quality, and KNIT COLLECTION LTD Personnel:


To maintain efficient communication, KNIT COLLECTION LTD adheres to certain practices that it has found to provide effective results.

Single Point of Contact for Customers: all customers are allocated a merchandiser (or account manager) who is responsible for all aspects of your order, from arranging the sampling to the final delivery of goods. Customers can therefore rest assured that whatever information they need, whether its about documentation, production or delivery, their merchandiser will be able to provide it instantly.

Regular Factory Visits: all merchandisers and quality controllers visit factories where KNIT COLLECTION LTD production is being carried out. In the case of the latter, quality controllers are required to maintain a constant presence at the factory, to ensure that each stage of the production is meeting KNIT COLLECTION LTD standards. In the case of the former, KNIT COLLECTION LTD merchandisers meet factory owners to ensure that timely production of goods is maintained.


We have developed considerable expertise in working with factories of all sizes and types. An intimate awareness of a supplier’s strengths and weaknesses is an essential tool in determining in which factory a customer’s order should be placed. Once a factory has been chosen, customers’ orders are produced within the specified factory unless there is a reason to change – however, before any change is made, the customer is consulted. To ensure a high level of supplier quality, KNIT COLLECTION LTD follows a rigorous selection process, as follows:

Factories: All factories are audited before being utilized to ensure that they meet minimum criteria with regards quality of output and timeliness of delivery. In the vast majority of factories utilized by KNIT COLLECTION LTD, a strong working relationship and understanding has already been established, ensuring that they adhere to our quality requirements.

Social Compliance: KNIT COLLECTION LTD compliance department routinely performs random checks on all factories used by KNIT COLLECTION LTD to ensure that

  • There is no child labor in the factory.
  • The factory adheres to regulation regarding working hours and minimum wages.
  • Working conditions are safe within the factory.


Recruitment &amp Training: at KNIT COLLECTION, we understand that “quality” can only be delivered by the right personnel. Therefore,

  • KNIT COLLECTION hires the most experienced quality managers and merchandisers in the marketplace, many of whom have worked in the most prestigious factories or buying houses in Bangladesh .
  • Each new quality controller or merchandiser undergoes a rigorous 3 month “quality control” training program before dealing with customers or factories.
  • All members of staff speak English fluently.